Here are a number of frequently asked questions that we receive from dental patients about Valplast flexible dentures.


Q. Can I have a Valplast flexible denture as part of an NHS treatment?

You will need to discuss this with your dentist, but typically they are usually only available as a Private treatment.

Q. I have suffered allergic reactions to dentures made from acrylic and metal materials; can I use a Valplast flexible denture?

Valplast has a low reaction rate compared to dentures that are made from acrylic and metal, as it is a thermoplastic nylon which contains no acrylic monomer and a completely metal free colouring agent, making it an excellent choice for patients who suffer allergic reactions to acrylic and metal.

Q. Can I have additional teeth added to my Valplast flexible denture at a latter date?

In most cases yes you can. Your dentist will need to send your Valplast flexible denture to a certified Valplast laboratory to have the teeth added. This can take 3 – 5 working days, so for this period of time you would have to go without your denture.

Q. How much does a Valplast flexible denture cost?

In order to provide a cost for a Valplast flexible denture you would need to visit your dentist who can advise you if a Valplast flexible denture is suitable for you and also the cost. Typically the cost of the flexible denture is determined by the number of teeth required. Also they can be slightly more expensive than a standard acrylic denture. As a guideline £450 - £650

Q. Do all Dental Practices provide Valplast flexible dentures?

More and more Dental Practices are now providing Valplast flexible dentures. Valplast International first introduced the original flexible denture material in 1953 and since then millions of patients worldwide have experienced the benefits of a Valplast flexible partial denture. Click here for details of some of the Dental Practices that provide Valplast flexible dentures.

Q. What Guarantee is provided with a Valplast flexible denture?

All Valplast flexible dentures are provided with *Valplast’s life time guarantee. Click here for more details of the guarantee.

Q. Can I use standard shop bought denture cleaners on my Valplast flexible denture?

Proprietary brands of denture cleaner are not recommended for cleaning a Valplast flexible denture, as they may contain ingredients that could damage the Valplast resin or its colour.

Valplast only recommended Val-clean to clean flexible dentures. Click here for more information on cleaning and caring for Valplast flexible dentures.

Last Updated on Aug292012

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