valplast flexible dentureValplast Flexible Denture cleaning and patient care recommendations

Most patients become immediately accustomed to their lightweight Valplast restoration. However in some case patients may experience a brief adjustment period, especially if they have never worn a dental appliance before. Should you experience any persistent irritation with your Valplast partial denture please consult your dentist who will be able to make any necessary adjustments.

Valplast partial dentures, like your own teeth, require regular care and good oral hygiene. To keep your Valplast partial denture looking and feeling like new, please follow these simple care recommendations:

* Clean your Valplast appliance regularly by soaking your Valplast denture in ValClean for 10-15 minutes a day, or overnight this should be carried out at least three times a week. The ValClean concentrated denture cleaner will quickly and safely maintain the cleanliness of the Valplast partial dentures.

valclean sachetsNote: Valplast International recommend to avoid using regular store brands of denture cleaner as they are not effective in cleaning Valplast and may contain ingredients that can damage the Valplast material or its colour.

* Loose particles can be removed from the Valplast partial denture with the use of a sonic denture cleaner, or by placing the appliance under running water.

Note: Toothpaste and toothbrushes may scratch or dull the surface of your Valplast partial denture. Be sure to remove your Valplast restoration whenever you brush your natural teeth. Brushing a Valplast partial denture is not recommended as this may remove the polish and roughen the surface over time.

* If possible, rinse your Valplast partial denture after eating to remove any food particles.

* Whenever your Valplast partial denture is not being worn, ensure that it is kept in either water denture cleaner in order to keep the surface hydrated.

sonic denture cleaning device* Valplast partial dentures are very durable and are designed to give many years of use under normal usage. Please note that the Valplast material (the pink resin) will resist fracture or breakage better than the synthetic teeth that are embedded within it.

Small accidents such as dropping the Valplast denture in the sink or on the floor will not damage the Valplast material, but may cause the teeth to fracture. Please handle the appliance with care.

* Remember to brush your natural teeth and gums regularly as directed by your dentist and contact your dentist if you should experience any discomfort from your Valplast flexible denture or if you ever have any abnormality with your natural teeth or gums.

Valplast® is the Registered Trademark of Valplast International Corporation the inventors of Valplast®

Last Updated on Aug292012

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