Valplast Flexible Denture case photos including Patient and Dentist brochures


flexible partial denture bottom

Valplast flexible lower partial denture. Valplast dentures a designed to be lightweight, smooth and comfortable against the tongue, plus the clasp blends with the surrounding tissue.

partial metal framed denture

Traditional metal frame and acrylic partial denture. Functional, but ridged in design and visible in the mouth. Which option would you prefer, this one or a flexible denture?

flexible removeable dental bridge

Valplast single tooth removable bridge. Very functional, snaps securely to adjacent teeth, easy to insert and remove, comfortable and blends with surrounding tissue.

Flexing partial valplast denture

Valplast flexible partial upper denture. Although the denture is flexible, the plastic used to fabricate it is incredibly strong; this enables the denture to be made very thinly, thus eliminating the bulky feeling associated with a standard acrylic denture.

fitted valplast denture case

Patient fitted with Valplast flexible partial upper denture. The strength of the Valplast material allows the denture to be made very thinly, allowing the underlying tissue characteristics to show through, providing a more natural appearance in the mouth.

valplast case patient missing tooth

Photo 1 – Patient who has lost two teeth. The treatment prescribed is to fit a partial denture. Option 1 is to fit a standard acrylic denture and Option 2 a Valplast flexible denture.

patient fitted with acrylic denture

Photo 2 – Patient is fitted with standard acrylic denture. Although very functional the acrylic denture is clearly visible in the patient’s mouth.

patient fitted with valplast flexible denture

Photo 3 – Patient is fitted with a Valplast flexible denture which is functional, lightweight and almost invisible in the patient’s mouth.

valplast patient brochure-_

Valplast flexible denture Patient information. Click here to download brochure.

valplast flexible denture brochure

Valplast flexible denture Dentist information. Click here to download brochure.

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